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Process Serving

What is Process Serving?

Service of process is the method of notifying another party of pending legal action and litigation. The individual served is usually referred to as the “Defendant” or the “Respondent.” A Defendant or Respondent does not always need to be a human being. They can also be a business, corporation or administrative body. Specific rules of service need to be followed, which will vary by jurisdiction and level of court.

In British Columbia, service almost always needs to be served personally. This is because the Defendant or Respondent needs to be provided with proper notice, as the timeline begins for them to file a response with the courts on the day they are served. The notice, as mentioned earlier, is given to the Defendant or Respondent in the form of filed court papers.

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a professional who specializes in the service of process. They have a breadth of experience effecting service on the Defendants and Respondents of the world. A professional process server is an impartial third party who is not involved with the lawsuit. They will handle your documents with integrity and care. A professional process server shall perform their work in a legal, qualified and ethical manner. Their day-to-day duties include attending multiple residences and businesses to effect service of the papers. They may also be found at the courthouse doing filings or other registry assignments. A process server is always on the move. We aim to make our busy schedule as efficient as possible for our clients and our team.

Why Hire a Process Server?

There are many reasons why one should hire a professional process server. However, the overarching reason why most litigants hire a professional process server is that they are an impartial third party and not involved with the proceedings. Thus, they have no emotion invested in the proceedings, do not know the parties involved, and have no incentive to be dishonest about the service. For this reason, most law firms will hire a professional to serve the people or businesses they are suing.

Another important reason for hiring a professional process server is that they have abundant experience in the field. For example, they will often take detailed notes and ask critical questions when attempts are made to serve the papers. If, for any reason, the professional process server is unsuccessful in serving the Defendant or Respondent. In that case, they will need these detailed notes to swear or affirm into an affidavit of attempted service. A professional will also know how to prepare your affidavit so it isn’t rejected by the courts, which can cause unnecessary delays in the litigation process.

Our Approach to Process Service

We are highly involved in our industry. We are attending conferences on an international scale, continuously refining our best practices and dialling things in. In addition, we have been a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers since 2018. Thus, we have access to the best software, the best educational seminars, and the best people in the industry. It is our mission to raise the bar in British Columbia to levels similar to our US counterparts. Therefore, we carefully plot our routes each day and make sure to attend your address for service at different times.

We are a trusted name in our local industry here in British Columbia. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Please see our testimonials to hear what others say about us.

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