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Service Fees for Law Firms

Process Serving Fees

Please complete the Service Request Form and upload PDF copies of your service documents directly to the form if you would like to retain our services. The service request form is the most efficient way to provide us with your request and minimize delays. 

Alternatively, you may also attach your documents outlining the service instructions and email them to [email protected].

If you are a self-represented litigant, you can view our complete list of service fees here.

Process Service

  • $50.00 – Personal service attempts (up to three) carried out on an individual
  • $45.00 – Personal service attempts (up to three) carried out on a business, government office, or other organization
  • $30.00 – Commissioned Affidavit of Service
  • $60.00 – Notarized Affidavit of Service
  • $0.85/km – Mileage 
    **Calculated round-trip on the first two attempts, then one-way on all subsequent attempts, from the nearest point of Vancouver, New Westminster or Victoria Law Courts
  • $50.00 – Expedited RUSH (service attempts made within 8 hours)
  • $35.00 – Standard RUSH (service attempts made within 24 hours)
    **Please call or email to confirm availability before requesting rush service
  • $75.00/hour – Waiting time
    **Waiting time begins accruing after 15 minutes at an address for service
  • $25.00 – Additional parties served at the same address at the same time (per party)
  • $25.00 – Additional action served on the same party at the same time
  • $25.00 – Additional service attempts (per attempt, over and above the three included attempts)
  • $25.00 – Identification obtained, photographed and exhibited into your affidavit of service
  • $0.25/page – Printing
  • $50.00 – Travel time per hour on long-haul services outside of our below listed service areas
  • $30.00 – Pickup of documents from your office within Downtown Vancouver or Downtown Victoria
  • $5.00 – 9” x 12” Lettermail postage and handling (under 100g)
  • $20.00 – XpressPost (under 100g)
  • $50.00 – Priority courier (Purolator or UPS). 

Court Filings

  • $57.00 – BC Court Services Online E-Filings
    **E-Filings are available at all British Columbia Supreme Court and Provincial Small Claims Registries
  • $75.00 – Vancouver Law Courts
  • $75.00 – Victoria Law Courts
  • $95.00 – New Westminster Law Courts
  • $95.00 – North Vancouver Law Courts
  • $105.00 – Port Coquitlam Law Courts
  • $120.00 – Surrey Law Courts
  • $120.00 – Western Communities Law Courts
  • $150.00 – Abbotsford Law Courts
  • $225.00 – Chilliwack Law Courts
    **$70.00 rush fees apply to all rush filing requests
  • $125.00 – Preparation of Application Record binder (includes binding, tabbing, and materials)
  • $0.25/page – Printing

Skip Trace

$350.00 – Successful locate within British Columbia (fees only payable if the skip is located)

Out of Town Service

Please call or email for a quote.

Additional Fees & Information

Tax (5% GST) applies to all of our fees outlined above. Prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD). For US clientele, the same fees apply in US Dollars (USD).

Should you require a rush on your affidavit or other proof of service, we have several Commissioners for Taking Affidavits for the Province of British Columbia in the office. Additional fees apply for rush affidavits.

Meticulously tracked and detailed service attempts are the hallmark of our company. Service attempts include instant email notifications. Said updates would consist of the date and time of the attempt, the GPS coordinates and personal notes of the process server at the time of the attempt. Thus, we provide you with direct raw data from our process servers working in the field quickly and efficiently. You will never need to call in to get an update on your file again. We also offer our digital service reports as exhibits to any affidavits to support applications for various orders.